Clinical Pilates

Individual! Attentive! Clinical! 

A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH  is firmly established as the leading provider of specialist, Clinical Pilates based rehabilitation in Cyprus. We are also the only physiotherapy clinic to offer a fully equipped Clinical Pilates studio with specialist Pilates equipment.

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century in Germany. These days, Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, particularly those of the neck and back. This is based on literature that demonstrates strong evidence to support the use of specific and targeted therapeutic exercise in the management of patients with injuries, particularly low back pain. Recent research advocates the retraining of the deep stabilizing muscles (Core Stability) for patients with low back pain. Clinical Pilates focuses on the retraining and recruitment of these stabilizing muscles  as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

The benefits of Clinical Pilates are:

  • Optimal Posture and Core stability
  • Muscle Strength & Flexibility
  • Co-ordination and Motor control
  • Rehabilitation of Neck & Back pain
  • Prevention of Sports injuries
  • Enhanced Breathing control   
  • Mental Well-being 


Our clinical staff and Pilates Instructors at A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH have trained with highly reputable Pilates bodies in the U.K (APPI, Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) & Sweden, ensuring the highest possible standard of care. Our clinic now includes two dedicated, fully equipped mirrored Pilates studios for 1-1 or small (max 4 persons) group sessions, Reformer Tower and Split-Pedal Stability Chair equipment sessions or mat based classes. We offer daytime and evening classes.  
Although Pilates can be extremely beneficial for healthy people; it needs to be specific to the individual and not used as a generic tool for everyone when it comes to rehabilitate people with Musculoskeletal disorders. To this end we, in A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH, are utilising the Pilates Matrix screening tool in order to obtain a holistic understanding of your specific needs and weak links. Clinical Pilates (as distinct to generic Pilates classes) identifies this key issue by applying carefully selected exercises to patients with specific injuries. This ensures optimal gains whilst minimizing the likelihood of injury aggravation and/or recurrence. If you are interested in commencing Clinical Pilates for your injury, it is essential to have a review with a physiotherapist to assess your specific needs and design an individualised and targeted core stability program for you. Antenatal and Postnatal Clinical Pilates classes are also available for women with specific rehabilitation needs.


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