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Nowdays, many employees are working in office environments at workstations with Display Screen Equipment. It is known that poorly set up workstations can put your employees at risk. People who have to sit for work are at risk if they have poor posture or use the wrong equipment. Joint and muscle problems such as neck and arm pain - so called RSI (repetitive strain injury) – can occur. Furthermore, office work is primarily sedentary. Sedentary work and lifestyles may result in adverse health effects for some employees  e.g. musculoskeletal and other systems disorders (aches and pains, obesity, metabolic syndrome), eye effects, fatigue. However these adverse health effects can be easily managed by carrying out workstation assessments for employees, by providing relevant information on safe working at a DSE workstation (HSE), and by promoting Physical activity in the workplace. This will assist employers to comply with the national requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work.

Occupational Health & Ergonomics Services:

A. Ergonomics consultancy (Ergonomic Assessment)

Ergonomics is not only just about making sure that people are sitting comfortably. It is also about preventing ill health as well as improving productivity and efficiency at work.
An Ergonomic Assessment is traditionally conducted within your work environment. Our qualified & experienced Physiotherapists take care to understand your aches and pains and adapt your environment to reduce risk factors.
An ergonomic assessment will involve: 
  • Risk Identification – discussion of symptoms, tasks & identification of risk factors 
  • Assessment - of work posture & equipment 
  • Adjustment - of current equipment such as chair, keyboard, mouse & footrest 
  • Action Plan - recommendations & equipment prescription 
  • Resources – information sheets & stretch handout 
  • Equipment Supply – source & supply quality equipment customized to your problems 
  • Follow Up – reassessment is optional but important for individuals with equipment prescription especially
A-Z Physio Health’s experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists will evaluate your problem, devise and put in place cost-effective solutions that will last. Whether you need an assessment of an individual's workplace or a whole enterprise, we can help. You will gain not just a workplace that’s fit for work but also a reduction in sickness absence and accidents and a happier, more motivated workforce. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that you’re compliant with health and safety regulations and less likely to be involved in litigation.
  • Practical solutions that resolve problems and reduce risk
  • Professional help sourcing the most cost-effective equipment and solutions
  • A cost-effective way to get the very best from your employees
  • Maximising health and well-being

B. DSE Risk Assessment

If you or your employees consistently use Display Screen Equipment (DSE), such as computer workstations, display screens, laptops, touch-screens etc, during your daily work there is a risk that this type of equipment can be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. You have to assess this risk. It is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide workers with a safe workplace environment. Ill health can be avoided if users follow effective practice, set up their workstations properly and take breaks during prolonged use. By just taking a few simple precautions, work with DSE can be more comfortable and productive. 
The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations are for the protection of people who habitually use DSE as a significant part of their normal work. A-Z Physio Health Ltd supports employers and employees with a comprehensive DSE risk assessment service to protect all parties and ensure legal compliance. Carrying out a DSE risk assessment will help employers identify any risks in their workplace, and avoid absence, ill health and increased costs to businesses through lost output, compensation claims and higher insurance premiums. 


C. On-Site Physiotherapy services

A-Z Physio Health Ltd aims to form specialist corporate relationships so that physiotherapy can be provided for employees within the workplace. This service provides a convenient way for employees to acquire the most effective and latest researched information and skills in physiotherapy. A great saving in unnecessary travel time and also allows people to be assessed at their workstation.
Physiotherapists can stop people going off work in the first place, get people back to work on full normal duties and if alternative or modified duties are required and facilitate a managed return to work. Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals are in a prime position to help keep employees healthy by enabling the individual to understand prevention of disease chronicity, re-occurrence, and strategies to self-manage effectively. The expansion and introduction of occupational health schemes is not only in the interests of the individual affected, but also saves employers, the health services and society money and improves productivity.
Musculoskeletal disorders (aches and pains in the neck, back and arms) are one of the most common causes of absenteeism from work. This is a cost for your business. Evidence based research has shown that early intervention and early physiotherapy treatment will contain these costs and minimise absenteeism.
The benefits for the company and your employees are:
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Compliance with relevant health and safety legislation
  • Timely, relevant physiotherapy when needed
  • Occupational focus for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of workplace injuries
  • Reduced travel times for treatment if physiotherapy is provided onsite
  • Increased morale among staff when injuries are dealt with promptly and efficiently
  • Staff retention
  • Reduced absenteeism associated with workplace injuries
  • Reduced costs associated with absenteeism
It is surprisingly easy and cost effective to set up a treatment facility onsite, often it is as simple as using an existing First Aid room or similar.
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