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Physiotherapy is certainly far more than fixing musculoskeletal and sports injuries although that is perhaps the most common perception of the profession. Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession which involves evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a range of diseases, disorders and disabilities using physical means. A Chartered Physiotherapist’s main focus is reduction of pain and correction of dysfunction and injury. When most people think of a Physiotherapist they imagine somebody running onto the sports field with a bucket & sponge. While the treatment of sports injuries is one aspect of our profession, Physiotherapy has evolved beyond this and is now acknowledged as an essential element in the management of most Orthopaedic, Neurological and Rheumatologic conditions.

What is a Physiotherapy Assessment?

A Physiotherapist will start off with a thorough history of an individual's injury, illness, or disability and then a comprehensive physical examination/evaluation (which involves standard methods of evaluating flexibility, strength, and function of the muscles, joints, and neurological structures involved with your condition) to arrive at a diagnosis/impression and establish a treatment/management plan and, when necessary, incorporate the results of laboratory and imaging studies.
How long is each treatment and what does it entail?
A treatment at A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH is a minimum of 40 minutes. The treatment will include any combination of Manual Therapy, Movement Therapy, Acupuncture, Electrotherapeutic modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Stretching and strengthening exercises, Myofascial work, Soft tissue work, Education, Specialized Treatments, Cold and Ice, and/or Heat.
What can a Physiotherapist offer you?
A registered Physiotherapist can offer you an in depth assessment of your movement, strength, endurance and other physical abilities as well as the impact of an injury or disability on your physical functioning. A treatment plan based on the assessment findings as well as on clinical reasoning will be implemented to reduce pain, restore full movement and function. Lifestyle, sport and place of work will always be considered. Physiotherapists are devoted and committed to preventing and managing a patient’s pain, physical disabilities and impairments. They strive to improve and maintain functional independence and physical performance. They continually promote health, fitness and wellness.


Clinical Pilates

Pilates offered by A-Z Physio Health is known as Clinical Pilates. This modified version of Pilates is taught by physiotherapists who using their extensive knowledge of anatomy and pathology design an individualised programme based on your needs to restore your functional capacity and eliminate any risks of harm or injury. They also undertake full assessments prior to teaching Pilates taking into consideration where you specifically need to work and positions you should avoid. 
A-Z Physio Health offers one on one sessions or pilates classes for between 2 and 4 people. All that you require to start is a mat. Other equipment including rollers, gym balls, resistance bands and dumbells can be provided on request.

Sports Injuries Rehabilitation and Screening for Injuries Prevention & Performance Enhancement

Identifying and classifying movement faults is fast becoming the cornerstone of contemporary rehabilitative sports and neuromusculoskeletal practice. The screening systems that we utilize (Kinetic Control & Performance Matrix & FMS) enable us to assess, diagnose, classify and retrain uncontrolled movement to manage pain, improve function, correct impairments and prevent recurrence. In particular, Perfromance Matrix is used by clubs, clinics and professional sports teams to  help their members, athletes and players maintain training consistency and competitive performance by identifying and removing the uncontrolled movements, which if left unmanaged, can lead to disruptive injuries!

Occupational Health Physiotherapy & Ergonomics

Occupational Health aims to the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations. A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH is proud to be a leading provider of Occupational Health Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists strive for the best practice in order to meet all the requirements of comprehensive and accurate data in relation to the hazards at workplace, conducting risk assessments, measuring the effectiveness of our interventions for injury prevention and reducing sickness absence. The benefits to businesses of providing and having an on site Occupational Health Physiotherapy service are:
• Improved corporate image
• Reducing sickness absence 
• Reducing litigation risk & insurance premiums
• Earlier return to work after illness
• Improved productivity 
• Compliance with Health & Safety legislation
• Better employee relations
• Reduced staff turnover


Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy is the hands on manipulation of the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being. Target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels. In professional settings massage therapy involves the client being treated while lying on a massage table in a private room. The massage subject may be fully or partly unclothed. Parts of the body may be covered with towels or sheets. Massage Therapy is suitable for everyone. Massage involves handling soft tissues, such as muscle, ligaments and tendons, using pressure and stretching movements. Benefits include but are not limited to:

Improve circulation
Aid drainage of excess fluid
• Improved movement
Relieve pain

Aid relaxation Massage may help a range of conditions, including but not limited to problems with the neck, back and limbs, headaches, and stress.

Care of Senior Citizens - Home Visits
If your current problem prevents you from getting to the clinic then depending on your location a registered physiotherapist can come out to see you in your home. As you improve, you may be able to continue your treatment at the clinic.
Here at the A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH we are conscious that individuals who may need the expertise and assistance of a Physiotherapist, may not always have access or the ability to travel to our clinics. As a result we have a home visit service to bring our chartered physiotherapists to you.
Physiotherapy at home enables other members of the family to be involved and gain a better understanding of the condition, ask any questions and also can provide necessary information on how to help.

Scoliosis Management

In A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH full assessment is conducted using specific form designed to assess scoliosis only. We offer you full postural assessment in standing and sitting, including sitting at an office desk, paying particular attention to your working chair alignment. Using specific criteria, our physiotherapist will conduct whole body assessment, analyze it and prescribe a program designed only for you. The program often includes specific exercises and stretches small  gym equipment such as ball, weights, elastic bands ect., which can be accessed by patient in non- clinic environment so that the exercise can be continued at home. 
A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH uses combination of well- researched and proven Schroth method, Clinical Pilates, Specific Breathing exercises and Stretching (Spiral Dynamics), which will maximize your potential of improving your spinal curvature. At A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH we also pay great attention to manual therapy, particularly in the initial stages, when manual muscle release and joint mobilization can help to maximize the exercise potential. 

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Western Medical Acupuncture is a more recent development practised predominantly by doctors and physiotherapists which uses acupuncture techniques within their existing scope of practice on the basis of a western medical diagnosis. In this context, it is generally used as a method of pain relief. In A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH our physiotherapists are trained under the Educational standards of The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP, U.K). 

Women's Health Physiotherapy

In A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH we are passionate about women’s health. We find it really frustrating that so many women put up with problems that specialist treatment could resolve. It seems to be such a taboo subject that often women are too embarrassed to talk openly about their problems, and so they remain unreported and untreated.  It gives us immense satisfaction when clients report significant improvements, if not cure. We just wish more people knew about women’s health physiotherapy and how it works!

Specific Rehabilitation Groups 

Exercise and movement has been shown to be beneficial for anybody suffering with low back pain. Specific Rehabilitation Groups can be done on a one to one basis but we also have a Spinal Fitness Class for anybody who has had Low Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee pain and wants to get back to feeling fit and strong.

Health & Life Coaching- Counseling

A-Z PHYSIO HEALTH offers this innovative programme in order to holistically approach the problems that our clients present in our clinic. Chronic and more complex problems need a multidimensional and holistic apprach in order to offer the optimal recovery of our clients!

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